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Towing and Vehicle Storage Facility Management Software

Vehicle Tracking and StorageAs our name implies, (VTS Systems) Vehicle Towing and Storage, is a leading North American Towing, Recovery, and Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) software company. For more than 20 years we have dedicated the company to providing management products and services for the towing industry. Our sales team all hold state certification for incident management towing and/or storage lot management and have everyday working knowledge of how to operate a tow truck, and/or manage vehicle storage facilities. The goal of our management and customer support team is to answer each customer inquiry within an hour of receiving a request for service. Given our team makeup, we think it’s fair to say, that we know and understand the towing business, and we share your passion for this family-business industry. Our goal is to help you manage your business more efficiently, lower your operating costs and provide you with an increase profit margin, and more leisure time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all Americans to reflect on how we earn a living and feed our families. The towing industry is no exception! One solution to our ever-changing business world is to embrace cost-efficient technology. We are constantly looking for ways in which to improve our product and add to our services. Writing compliant towing software is relatively easy, and would rate about 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most difficult. However, understanding the complexities of multi-state Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) management, and writing code to comply with state law and/or Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) administrative rules — including vehicle impoundment, fully automated multi-state MVR authentication, automated notification/lien letters, and the ability to legally process a vehicle through to auction and title transfer — rates about 9.5 on the same scale. No matter who you compare us to, our automated step-by-step process is without equal.

Nobody does Storage Lot Management like we do,” Period!

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Should you have an issue or problem and are searching for answers, we encourage you to call our industry knowledgeable team. (877.374.7225, Option 2) we may hopefully be able to provideanswers or at least guidance to your questions. Since the inception of our business, we have always invested in relationships. “Relationships built on trust, one client at the time.”

If you are a Texas-based, towing, recovery, or VSF company, VTS Systems in partnership with AutoDataDirect, and the state regulator offer monthly online training seminars every second Wednesday of each month, on “How to better Manage Your Towing, Recovery & Vehicle Storage Facility.) Visit http://info.vts-systems.com/seminar  to register.